Wheel Repairs

We have invested in a quality Comec RSM240 wheel straightening machine from Italy.  Previously, when customers came to us with buckled or bent wheels, these would have to be sent away for wheel straightening and wheel repair, incurring freight costs and time delays.

Link to site: http://www.comecpn.com/html_en/various_rsm240.html

We can now offer the wheel straightening & wheel repair service in house right here in Napier, which is proving very effective for customers as it can be done relatively quickly, with no turnaround delays.  A surprising amount of cars are driving round with buckled or bent wheels, with the owner unaware of the problem.  Symptoms can include tyre wear happening quite quickly, and a “shimmy” in the steering.

If your wheels are cracked, damaged or “kerbed” we can also provide recommendations for repair and repainting, with the entire service likely to cost a lot less than purchasing new mags.

Come and see us for a FREE safety check.  We can assess your tyres and wheels at no obligation and let you know what needs to be done or if you are all good to go!!