John Sutherland of Napier.  I measured the mileage in my Motorhome before and after nitrogen filling.  Before, I got 302km to 42.3litres and after filling with nitrogen I got 432.4km to 41.01litres.  An extra 130kms.  I highly recommend the nitrogen filling.


Ron & Lyn Hodgson formerly of Waipawa now of Hastings.  We bought a set of Kumho tyres for our Commodore and had them nitrogen filled.  We estimated that we got an extra trip to Hastings and back from Waipawa per tank of gas due to the nitrogen filling.  We are very happy with the tyres and nitrogen and think they also make for a quieter smoother ride.


Adrian Wiig.  Big Value Tyres who supplied 4 new rear tyres for our Hino Rainbow.  The proprietor, Noel Hastings provided 3 options with information about each tyre type and made a recommendation for Hankook Z59.  In fitting the tyres, Noel applied anti-rust treatment to the inside of the rims, applied anti-seize to the wheel studs and without asking rebalanced the front tyres as well.  When total service counts, I recommend Noel and team at Big Value Tyres.


D & R Heney, Christchurch.  I am in Christchurch and after purchasing a Ford territory from Turners Auctions I had to get it to warrantable standard before shipping back to Christchurch. Big Value Tyres went the extra mile to help me out which was very appreciated. Your team collected the vehicle from Turners then not only supplied and fitted 5 tyres but then re-collected the car from Turners again to rotate the wheels to fix another issue free of charge. Even after running out of fuel, your team had to run round and put $10 in the tank which of course I was happy to pay for. So again just a very big thanks to you and your team.


Leigh Taylor from Cambridge (Reel NZ Productions). I had a tyre blow out on the way over to HOY this year…..not much fun as I was in the “no reception” area on the mountain. Finally a NZMCA member stopped to help me, after 2 hours of hoping s-o-m-e-o-n-e would stop (it was a knarly piece of the road!). This gentleman reccomended a local business to deal with the tyre which was a write off. Noel from BIG VALUE TYRES came out to the showgrounds and changed, delivered, checked my other tyres, helped other people around me who had had dramas with vehicles etc…..Noel just went beyond the call of duty. If any of you know Noel, you will understand the level of service I am talking about. HORSE TRUCK and MOTORHOME people, put his business and details into your vehicle for future use right now – he is a “Winners Circle” listing!